Cemetery Walking Tours

Tour Guide

You are about to take a step back over 150 years into Olathe’s history. The citizens you’ll find buried here represent all walks of life…from doctors, lawyers and politicians to Civil War soldiers, and early pioneers who came looking for opportunity and a better life. We hope you enjoy your walk through Olathe’s history. The Olathe Memorial Cemetery Tour Guide will bring you in touch with 62 historic people and monuments.

Olathe Memorial Cemetery Tour Guide

Olathe Cemetery Tree Tour

The Olathe Cemetery boasts over 30 different variety of trees on our grounds. The downloadable pdf Tree Tour will take you around our beautiful grounds as you take a walk to these marked trees. Enjoy the colors in the spring and summer, and especially the fall, when the Maple trees show off their many colors.

Cemetery Tree Tour

Cemetery History Walk

Download our flyer and take a short walk around our cemetery and learn about some of the important people, places, and events of local and national importance. Each stop will take you to an interpretive kiosk will further explain the significant historical event that helped shape our community.

Cemetery History Walk