Help for Funeral Planning

Olathe Memorial Cemetery staff realizes the important decisions that need to be considered upon a death in your family. It is our mission to assist you through the funeral planning process.

People You May Need to Contact:

  • Funeral home or crematory
  • Cemetery
  • Church or minister
  • Relatives, friends, acquaintances (May need to arrange accommodations for out-of-town guests)
  • Employers and schools of those attending the service
  • Childcare provider, if needed
  • Insurance companies
  • Veteran’s associations
  • Member organizations
  • Family attorney and executor of will
  • Utility companies, landlord and post office if deceased was living alone
  • Check on all debts and installment payments – including credit cards
  • If Social Security check are automatic deposit, notify bank of the death

Items to bring to Funeral Home or Crematory:

  • Deceased personal information for death certificate (Social Security Administration 1-800-772-1213)
  • Life insurance certificates (Social Security, credit union, trade union, fraternal and military)
  • Clothing for deceased
  • Obituary information
  • Photo of deceased
  • Veteran information (discharge paperwork)

Cemetery Arrangements:

  • Meet with cemetery staff for information and pricing
  • Select burial/cremation space
  • Pay for opening and closing the grave
  • Order final date for existing monument
  • If no existing monument, design and order monument

Possible Decisions to Make For Funeral Home:

  • Amount to spend on service/ arrangements
  • Select cemetery or memorial garden
  • Select the casket or urn
  • Order tent and chairs if desired
  • How many copies of death certificate
  • Select outside burial container
  • Select pallbearers
  • Select music for service
  • Select readings for service
  • Prepare eulogy
  • Types of floral/plant arrangements (arrange for disposition of flowers after funeral)
  • Military honor – if applicable
  • Set up memorial fund (church, hospice, charity or school)