Full Body Burial Options

Standard Lot

$1500.00 for a single space

Infant Memorial Lot

$200.00 for a single space

Memorials in this area are a maximum size of 12″ x 24″ flat grass markers

Cremation Burial Options

Standard Lot

Standard sized lots located in the cemetery may be used for full-size burials or cremated remains. If more than one cremation burial is to be interred in a full-size space, an additional burial right fee will be assessed to the interment fee

Reflection Garden

Veterans Circle

Individuals wanting to be buried in this plot must contact the American Legion post to verify they have an honorable discharge and qualify for military benefits. The internment space is free but families must pay for grave opening/closing and foundation work involved in setting of government-issued markers.

All inquiries concerning military burials must be directed to:

Earl Collier American Legion Post #153
410 E Dennis
Olathe KS 66061

Interment Fees (opening/closing)

Full-size burial — $1200.00

Infant 0 to 18 months — $600.00

Burial of cremated ashes — $750.00

— $750.00 for each additional burial in a full size space

Saturday burial — $340.00 additional

Sunday burial — $455.00 additional

All fees are subject to yearly increases and must be paid in full prior to the interment date.

Memorial and Headstone Options