City of Olathe, KS

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Olathe, KS 66051
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Olathe Memorial Cemetery

Since 1865, Olathe Memorial Cemetery has been a part of the Olathe community. The civic leaders and citizens who have contributed to Olathe’s history are buried across the rolling hills of the 29 acre cemetery. Families making arrangements for their loved ones will find a unique touch of the past.

Our cemetery staff is committed to working compassionately with families and visitors to make sure all needs are fulfilled. Whether making pre-planning arrangements or burying a family member, a variety of options are offered to help memorialize your loved one.

The Mission of the Olathe Memorial Cemetery is to provide the community with compassionate burial services, with dedication to maintaining accurate and lasting records in a beautifully kept setting.

—Staff Members of Olathe Memorial Cemetery

Olathe Kansas