Policies & Information

Our policies and information are provided to inform our families and visitors about cemetery operations while ensuring a tranquil environment.

1. The cemetery expressly disclaims all responsibility for loss or damage from causes beyond its reasonable control including but not limited to thieves, vandals, acts of God, explosions, unavoidable accidents of war, whether direct or indirect. In particular, the cemetery assumes no responsibility for memorials, flowers, decorations, vases, urns, or other property on any interment space. Owners should make arrangements with their personal insurance carriers regarding any personal property such as memorials, vases and urns that are at the cemetery.

2. No person shall be permitted to enter or leave the cemetery except by cemetery access roads.

3. Any person found in the cemetery after closing hours will be considered a trespasser.

4. All persons in the cemetery shall conduct themselves with proper decorum, and at the discretion of the cemetery, anyone may be removed from the cemetery for any breach of this rule.

5. No vehicle shall be driven in the cemetery at a speed greater than 10 MPH. All vehicles shall be restricted to the roads and shall drive and park on the right side. No undue noise shall be permitted in operating a vehicle through the cemetery, and only licensed drivers may operate vehicles within the cemetery.

6. The cemetery reserves the right to exclude any or all vehicles from the cemetery on Memorial Day or other holidays or for any special event when it is deemed necessary. The cemetery also reserves the right to exclude any vehicle, which might cause any damage to the roads within the cemetery.

7. Only leashed pets shall be allowed outside of vehicles in the cemetery. Please be courteous to other cemetery visitors and remove all pet waste.

8. No drinking, picnicking, loitering, skating, hunting, trapping, fireworks or participation in any sport event or game activities is permitted within the cemetery.

9. No minors are permitted in the cemetery unless accompanied by their parent or guardian.

10. The cemetery may refuse admission to or eject anyone who is not an owner or a visitor to an interment space.

11. Visitors and owners must not engage, pay or request special assistance or services from cemetery employees working on the cemetery grounds. All orders, inquires and complaints must be addressed to the cemetery office.

12. All lots shall be used ONLY for burial of human remains.

13. All persons are reminded that the cemetery is devoted to the burial of the dead and that the provisions and penalties provided by the statute will strictly be enforced in all cases of injury, disturbance or disregard of the rules.

13. All standard lots located in the cemetery, except those located in the infant memorial plot, shall be sold for $1000.00 to $1295.00 for a single grave, depending on location.

14. Infant Memorial lots shall be sold for $200.00 for a single grave using the next available space. Memorials in this area are 12″ x 24″ maximum size, flat grass markers for mowing purposes.

15. Cremation Garden spaces are sold from $700.00 to $2500.00, depending on location, and includes interment fee and engraving cost.

16. All lots shall be used for burial of human remains and include perpetual care and maintenance of lots, graves, monuments, vaults and cemetery grounds.

17. All lots must be purchased through the cemetery supervisor. The lot size is 40 in. by 10 ft. This allows 2 ft. by 40 in. for a monument and 8 ft. for interment.

18. Standard sized lots located in the cemetery may be used for full-size burials or cremated remains. If more than one cremation burial is to be interred in a full-size space, an extra burial right will be assessed in the amount of $500.00 in addition to the interment fee.

19. Full-size burial — $925.00

20. Infant 0 to 18 months — $425.00

21. Burial of cremated ashes — $675.00

22. Saturday burial — $265.00 additional

23. Sunday burial — $365.00 additional

24. Holiday burial — $565.00 additional

All fees are subject to yearly increases and must be paid in full prior to the interment date. Please log on to cemetery.olatheks.org or call the cemetery office for current fees.

1. During the mowing season, decoration of grave spaces and lawn crypts with cut or artificial flowers may be made only in an approved vase integrated with or adjacent to the memorial. The cemetery will remove and dispose of any and all decorations at such times as the cemetery determines necessary in order to mow or otherwise maintain the cemetery.

2. No glass jars, bottles, tin cans, crockery, wires, earthenware pots or other containers are permitted.

3. Artificial wreaths and boxes will be permitted as a grave decoration during the non-growing season (November to March), and on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter and Memorial Day.

4. No planting will be permitted unless authorized by the cemetery staff.

5. The cemetery may remove, without notice or consent, any planting, decoration or other object placed on or about any interment space which the cemetery determines to be improper, unsightly or dangerous to persons or equipment. The cemetery assumes no liability for damage, removal, or storage.

6. No enclosure of any kind such as a fence, coping, hedge or ditch shall be permitted around any grave space or lawn crypt.

7. No grave space or lawn crypt shall be raised above the established grade.

8. The owner, or family of a deceased owner, shall turn all vase units into the ground after November 1st, and remove all decorations. The cemetery assumes no responsibility for ice damage to vase units.

9. All persons are strictly prohibited from picking flowers, removing trees or shrubs, making any alterations to any property within the cemetery, or in anyway defacing or damaging the cemetery.

32. Monuments can be purchased from Olathe Memorial Cemetery, or any licensed monument dealer. They will then need to contact the cemetery before placement of the monument. Monuments shall be of granite, marble, or bronze composition and not exceed the size of the grave with a four-inch collar allowed for the foundation. Monument foundations can be installed at the rate of $1.00 per square inch of the foundation, which needs to be 4 inches longer and wider than the monument.

33. The City of Olathe will have the right to reset any monuments which are deemed detrimental to the appearance of the grounds or which shall prevent proper care of the lot.

34. All monument companies must adhere to all the administrative regulations regarding “Placement of Memorials and Markers in Olathe Memorial Cemetery” (Administrative Regulation No. PR-13)

Monument information can be obtained by contacting the cemetery office. Monuments must be paid in full at the time that the order is placed and the proof is approved.

35. Individuals wanting to be buried in this plot must contact the American Legion post and verify that they have an honorable discharge and qualify for military benefits. The internment space is free, but families must pay for grave opening, closing, and foundation work involved in setting of government-issued markers.

All inquiries concerning military burials must be directed to: Earl Collier Post #153 of the American Legion 410 E. Dennis Olathe, KS 66061.