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Search Options By:

Last Name: Enter the first two or three letters of the name to access a comprehensive list of burials with those letters.

Veteran: By changing the Veteran dropdown to "Yes" the results will show all records marked as veterans within the cemetery. Using the Last Name with the Veteran field checked will narrow the search results.

Owner Information: Search for burials by owner first and last names. A search using the owner name will return all spaces owned by that person, including spaces with no burials.

Year of Burial: Search by year of burial by entering the desired year into the Year of Interment box. This search will give a list of all burials made within that year.

Click on the name to view the record you are looking for.

Burial Location defines where a burial resides within the cemetery:
   1st Addition Example: 1, 32, 1, W2  = 1st Addition, Block 32, Lot 1, Space W2
   2nd Addition Example: 2, 2, 234, S1 = 2nd Addition, Block 2, Lot 234, Space S1

Additions in Olathe Memorial Cemetery are separated by Governors Road. The 1st Addition is located on the North and the 2nd Addition is South of the road.

Map Function:

Click on the "View GIS Map" button. The map will appear with a bubble indicating the location of that burial.

Zoom: click on the "+" or "–" icon located on the blue navigator bar at top of map. Click and hold your left mouse button to draw a rectangle around the area you are inquiring about.

View Entire Map: click on the "zoom to full extent" icon.

Move the Map: zoom in to the area, activate the "pan" (hand) icon and left click/hold mouse to move image.

Measure Distances: use the "measure" (ruler) icon to select two endpoints for measurement. Measurement appears in bottom left corner of map.

Clear Measurement: use the "clear measure info" (eraser) icon to measure again.

Print: zoom in to desired sections of the map and use the "print" icon.

Block numbers appear when zooming in.  Zoom in closer for Lot numbers to indicate the location of the burial lot within the cemetery.  (Example: 2, 2, 234, S1 – Refers to 2nd Addition, Block 2, Lot 234, Space S1) 

Zoom in very close to access additional information.  Use the Label pull down list on the blue navigator bar to filter the following options:  Burial Date, Grave Address, Owner Name,  Occupant Name, Burial Date, Date of Death, Status and Grave Type. 

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